The Inaugural International Symposium on Aging Research (ISAR) – Achieving Productive Aging –
November 20 Fri - 22 Sun, 2020 Japan Standard Time(JST) VIRTUAL

Dear the attendees 
at the Inaugural International Symposium on Aging Research (VIRTUAL ISAR)

Welcome and thank you for your registration to attend VIRTUAL ISAR.
Please read the following information and prepare to attend the symposium well in advance.

Before the symposium

This symposium will be held using “Zoom Webinar”.
Please download and install the Zoom application on your PC or smartphone before watching the symposium.

Download Zoom application

  • The installation and the use of  Zoom service is free of charge. However, Users are responsible for Internet connection fees and other charges. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
  • Although you may be able to view the video using a browser version of Zoom, we highly recommend installing the app because it will be more stable (the browser version has linited functionality).
  • Please make sure to perform a connection test and check your device and network environment before the symposium days.

    Zoom connection test

On the Day of the Symposium
November 20, Friday,  November 21, Saturday, November 22, Sunday
Japan Standard Time(JST)

Please log in to the exclusive page with the ID and password written in the email sent by the  (ISAR secretariat) around November 16 (Monday).

Click on the URL of the event day to watch the live streaming video.

The symosium will be held for 3 days accoding to the schedule for each day.

The attendees are not allowed to speak, but you can use the “Q & A” function to write down their questions ( which could be anonymous). The speaker will respond verbally to a question selected by the chairperson. Please note that not all questions will be answered.

Q & A

1. Click “Q&A”

“Chat” and “Raise Hand” is not available.

2. You can ask questions in text.

After the Symposium

After the symposium, all presentations will be available on demand. You can watch them as many times as you like.

Available: Tuesday, December 1 – Monday, December 14 (Japan Standard Time)

Notes * Please be sure to read this section.

  • Please install the latest version of Zoom application or update it to the latest version before using it.
  • Please make sure to check how to use and operate Zoom webinar before you attend the symposium.
  • Please be aware that the organizer will not be able to provide support for the connection to Zoom as each attendee’s devices and connection environment is different.
  • The programs at the symposium are subject to change without notice.

Prohibited  matters *Please be sure to read this section.

It is strictly prohibited to record audio or video, to take pictures or screenshots of the slides, to transmit or use them for any other purposes.
Please refrain from doing all those activities in violation of copyright law.

Institute for Research on Productive Aging

The Inaugural International Symposium on Aging Research(ISAR) | VIRTUAL

November 20 Fri - 22 Sun, 2020 (Japan Standard Time)

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